Upstate Geeks In-Person

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of Upstate Geeks’ engaging in-person events! Engage with like-minded individuals through board games, communal dining, and thrilling experiences. Immerse yourself in the welcoming atmosphere of our community and forge unforgettable moments together!

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Time to Eat

Join Upstate Geeks In-Person in South Carolina for an exciting culinary journey! We love gathering at local restaurants. Our region is known for its diverse range of delicious flavors to enjoy. We thoroughly enjoy coming together for meals, whether it’s at a charming diner or a fashionable eatery. We share stories and strengthen our bonds over delicious meals. These outings offer a lot more than just delicious food. They’re all about embracing shared interests and fostering a sense of camaraderie. Come and join us for our upcoming culinary adventure! Experience the vibrant local food scene. Bring along a bunch of pals who will quickly become like your own kin. Indulge in a delightful dining experience at Upstate Geek’s In-Person food times!

Movie Nights

Join Upstate Geeks for a fun movie night! We love going to see new movies in theaters. Our collection includes several timeless classics. Enjoyment and connection go beyond viewing movies. We love popcorn time together. Double dates enhance movie night. It makes it unforgettable with friends. Have a great night with your partner and pals. Our movie nights help us bond over shared interests. They generate memorable moments. Experience a fresh superhero series or a sci-fi classic with us! Enter the cinematic world with Upstate Geeks. Find the perfect spot and let cinema dazzle you. Upstate Geek’s In-Person Movie Night is a family-friendly event.

Gaming Night

Get ready for a night filled with laughter at Upstate Geeks’ game nights! We have a great variety of games available on our table. Whether you’re into Dungeons & Dragons, Cards Against Humanity, or Exploding Kittens, we’ve got you covered. We have a wide range of board games that appeal to a variety of interests and preferences. These evenings are full of joy and create unforgettable moments. No matter your level of gaming expertise, we welcome you to join us! Join us for a fun-filled evening of games, where dice will be rolling and cards will be played. You’re guaranteed to have a great time at our game nights. Come and be a part of the fun at Upstate Geek’s In-Person game nights!